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Minister tells pro-EU Tories 'work with us' on Brexit customsMinister tells pro-EU Tories 'work with us' on Brexit customs

MPs vote on whether the UK should join a customs union if it cannot agree a trade deal with the EU.

Trump-Putin summit: US president hails meeting amid outcryTrump-Putin summit: US president hails meeting amid outcry

The US president is facing an outcry after refusing to accept claims Russia meddled in US elections.

Ex-UKIP councillor Stephen Searle guilty of murdering wifeEx-UKIP councillor Stephen Searle guilty of murdering wife

Former Royal Marine Stephen Searle strangled his wife Anne at their home in Suffolk.

Comedian 'humiliated' for using disabled space on trainComedian 'humiliated' for using disabled space on train

Tanyalee Davis says a guard threatened to call police when she did not give up a disabled space.

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BBC news for Roxburghshire

'Unknown liquid' thrown in man's face in Jedburgh'Unknown liquid' thrown in man's face in Jedburgh

The 27-year-old victim was walking on a pathway in the Borders when the "frightening" attack took place.

Concerns grow over missing Dumfries womanConcerns grow over missing Dumfries woman

The 63-year-old woman was last seen at a mental health hospital in Dumfries and Galloway at the weekend.

Contract row could hit Dumfries and Galloway recycling sitesContract row could hit Dumfries and Galloway recycling sites

A company threatens to suspend services at 11 waste centres across the south west of Scotland.

Family pays tribute to Hexham man killed in Jedburgh crashFamily pays tribute to Hexham man killed in Jedburgh crash

The 53-year-old died at the scene of a two-vehicle accident in the Scottish Borders more than a week ago.

AskTen - Ten things you may not have noticed last week!

  1. May defiant as six ministers plot to replace her. Theresa May has told cabinet plotters – oust me if you dare. The Prime Minister has insisted to her aides that she will not be bullied out of office. As six senior ministers are reportedly plotting to succeed her, May says she will fight her corner if Tory MPs force a vote to oust her — declaring that she is content to "win by one vote". The Guardian
  2. Good week for retailers. How far England make it in the World Cup is yet to be seen. But there has been at least one winner already. Retailers are enjoying a football-fuelled bonanza. While the news comes amid generally tough conditions on the high street, John Lewis has seen sales of drinks fridges double, while sales of big-screen TVs have soared at Argos. The Sunday Times
  3. Spanish on the rise in schools as French falls. Spanish is close to becoming the most-taught language in British schools, as the popularity of French diminishes, the British Council says. If current trends continue, the world’s second-most spoken language will be the most popular at A level by 2020, and at GCSE level by 2025. There are 437 million native Spanish speakers worldwide. The Telegraph
  4. Narcissists are ‘irritating but successful’, research shows. An international team of psychologists has found that narcissists may be irritating but are also irritatingly likely to be successful. The academics say people with a “heightened sense of self-worth” come out on top in education, work and love. The team says narcissists have a “mental toughness” that encourages them not to give up. [MORE]
  5. Is the UK spending enough on defence?The row over UK’s defence spending is growing as a new report by MPs warns that the country faces being left behind unless more money is pumped into the Armed Forces. The Commons Defence Committee report says the UK’s defence budget needs to rise from 2% of GDP (£40bn) to 3% (£60bn) if Britain is to maintain its influence in the global sphere. BBC
  6. Chances of dying lessen beyond age 105. A person’s risk of dying gets statistically higher with each passing year - but then decelerates from the age of 80 and plateaus at 105 and over, new analysis by an international team suggests. At age 68, there is a 2% chance of death; at 97, the chance is 30%. By 105, it is 50% but then remains constant, the study of 4,000 Italians found. The researchers say that the findings suggest there may be no fixed limit on human longevity. Washington Post
  7. Surge in UK citizens acquiring nationality of UK countries. The BBC reports that there has been a surge in UK citizens acquiring the nationality of another EU country since the Brexit referendum. Last year, a total of 12,994 UK citizens obtained the nationality of one of the 17 member states the data covers, compared with 5,025 in 2016 and just 1,800 in 2015. The most common new nationality was German. BBC
  8. Come and get it.The television has overtaken the kitchen table as the most likely place for British families to gather. According to a new report, 48% eat an evening meal together every day, while 54% gather every day to watch TV. Daily Mirror
  9. The bottom line.Councils collectively raked in £73.9m last year charging residents to take their garden waste away, according to BBC One programme Rip Off Britain. That compares with £56.9m the previous year. The Local Government Association blamed a £5bn shortfall by 2020 in central government funding for the rise. BBC````
Drivers to face fines for passing cyclists too closely. Drivers who pass cyclists without leaving them enough room are to be targeted by police and may face fines. Some police forces have already began to impose £100 fines and three penalty points for drivers caught passing less than 5ft (1.5 metres) from bikes. Transport Minister Jesse Norman will announce the new rules today.